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Parco Nazionale del Cilento


The Cilento is a sub-region of Campania in the province of Salerno, jutting out like a peninsula between the Gulf of Salerno and of Policastro.

It is an ancient land that has inspired poets and cantors, just think to the myths of the siren Leucosya or that of Palinuro, narrated in the Aeneid; was populated since the Neolithic times, though assumed greater importance with the establishment of the Greek colonies of Elea and Poseidonia, current Velia and Paestum, of which are still clearly visible the monumental vestiges.

The thread of the story unfolds Cilento to the present day sewing events large and small: the Roman domination, the Lombard Princedom of Salerno, the advent of Basilian and Benedictines monks, the birth of the Sanseverino barony. Traces, memories, monuments linked to this rich history are now safeguarded thanks to the National Park of Cilento.

So, thanks also to the presence of the National Park, Cilento today can show off a territory and a unique gastronomic tradition, which make this land an area with distinct traits from the rest of the region.

In the application of the Cilento Park as a World Heritage Site we can read ”As natural species people also found in these places contacts, intersections and mergers, the enrichment of the genetic(…) Cilento is the meeting place between sea and mountains, east and west, northern and African cultures”

A curiosity: The Cilento and, in particular, Castellabate is the location of the movie Benvenuti al Sud (2010), which instead seems to be set close to the Neapolitan territory.